BuildPlane will never be "finished." We're continually upgrading to make it easier to use and more efficient. One recent batch of improvements gives Project Managers more tools to stay on top of Change Orders.

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard for each project now shows counts of potential, pending, approved, and executed Change Orders across the top of the Change Orders sections. You can see at a glance how many fall into each category:

Click or tap on each number to immediately get a list of the Change Orders themselves.

You'll see two sections, for Subcontractor Change Orders and Owner Change Orders. As you move through a project, you'll see those Change Order numbers move from potential to approved/executed.

'Bill to Owner' changes

Never lose track of a Bill to Owner change item again. When tracking a change, mark it as "Bill to Owner." As you move through the project, BuildPlane will track that change to make sure it is assigned to a Change Order to be billed appropriately.

Adjusting the schedule

Because Change Orders involve both money and time, we've added the ability to track the number of days (if any) that the changes will add to the schedule:

Project Financial Summary

Finally, we've added a Project Financial Summary—automatically updated in real time—that shows line items for the budgeted Prime Contract and Subcontracts. It breaks down Change Orders according to whether they're potential, pending, approved, or executed:

To see the financial summary, open the project in your dashboard. Click/tap on the Reports tab at the bottom of the menu on the left, then click/tap Financials.

Can we make the Change Order process even better for you? If so, tell us how through our Contact page.