You get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, and check your emails—especially one particular email: the BuildPlane Daily Activity Report. It lists everything you did the day before, including RFPs, Pay Apps, Change Orders, and Documents you requested and added.

You glance through it, getting up to speed on project flow, making a couple of mental notes about things that need following up. You're ready for the day.

Think of it as an automated assistant that gives you updates on yesterday’s progress. At least that's how we envision commercial construction Project Managers using the BuildPlane Daily Activity Report. Of course your mileage may vary. We made the tool for you to use however it works best for you.

BuildPlane will have the previous day's Activity Report waiting for you first thing in the morning (unless you're a REALLY early riser). Here's a sample of how it looks:

It amounts to an index of the day's activities that you can scan without logging in to BuildPlane. You can stash it in an email folder for future reference if you want.

Or not, if you don't want. You can even stop receiving the reports if they aren't helpful for you. From your BuildPlane account, just click or tap on your name at upper right, then on My Profile, and look for the Notifications settings:

While you're there, you can tinker with your notification settings for Documents that are about to expire and Documents that are missing for Subcontracts. By default, those are disabled, and daily and weekly activity reports are enabled.

Customize the settings however you like. We built BuildPlane so you can adjust it to fit you and the way you work. If you have ideas for making it better, we'd love to hear them; it's easy to reach us through our Contact page at