We're expanding our base of pilot customers to try a new enhanced Pay Apps feature for our "superpowers for Project Managers" commercial construction app. It will streamline the payment process for both PMs and Subcontractors and automatically collect and update all Pay App information in one place.


This feature aims to reduce time-wasting errors and alleviate the common pains of Pay Apps that both PMs and subs experience. You can see at a glance all the Pay App information that's transmitted between subs and PMs.

Instead of transferring numbers into a spreadsheet, doing calculations, saving to a pdf, emailing it to the PM, and then having to redo everything if there's an error or revision, subs enter their numbers directly into BuildPlane.

Here's an example of how a form might look (and it's completely customizable to fit the specs of the job) for a Subcontractor:

Just fill in the dollar figures. The app automatically calculates the percentage of the job completed and other relevant numbers. It also carries everything over into the next pay period so you don't have to start from scratch.

Once you're finished, you click "Submit Payment Application," and you're done. You'll see a summary of your Pay App (including confirmation that the PM received it), along with a snapshot of where you stand financially on the project to date:

On the Project Manager side, BuildPlane automatically uses the enhanced Pay Apps information that subs submit to keep your Schedule of Values up-to-date:

Bottom line: Our enhanced Pay Apps feature makes the payment process easier, reduces errors, and makes Pay App data easily accessible in one place rather than leaving it locked in pdfs that you have to open separately.

So if you're a Project Manager or Subcontractor and you want to be part of our expanded pilot program, just email chris@buildplane.com. Thanks.