Hey, commercial construction Project Managers, would you like to have a complete list of your Subcontractors, including all their current active projects and the names of all their go-to people (with mobile phone numbers and email addresses)—accessible with a single click or tap?

Yeah, we thought so. That's why we built one into BuildPlane.

When you log in to BuildPlane, you'll see a Subcontractors tab at the top of the page. If you click or tap it, you get that list we just described:

Click/tap the name of any sub to pull up a list of all the contact people and all the projects you've assigned to the sub:

Revising the contact list is easy. Click the green "+Add a Person" box to (duh) add a person. Click the edit icon (the little blue pencil and paper) to update a contact person's info. Updates instantly apply everywhere that person appears across BuildPlane. To delete an outdated contact, just click the trash can icon.

Need to fire off an email? Just click the email address, and you get a preaddressed email form ready to fill out and send.

To add a Subcontractor to a project, just open the Project Dashboard for that project, click the Subcontracts tab at upper left, then click the green "+Add a Subcontract" box. When you start typing in the "Subcontractor" field, BuildPlane offers a time-saving drop-down menu of the subs already in your system that gets more precise with each letter you add to the name:

Once you've added a sub, you can click on the Subcontract number and set up permissions for who gets access to what for that project. Click on the People tab, and then click checkboxes to allow each person access to Financials, Pay App Requests, RFPs, Startup Documents, and/or Closeout Documents:

BuildPlane puts all your subcontractors in one list at your fingertips for easy assigning, updating, tracking, and managing. Emphasis on "easy."