Our commercial construction customers are loving our automated Pay Apps feature, which makes the process of paying Subcontractors simple and easy. However, you've told us that sometimes you want one-off Pay Apps, without the automation.

So we made that possible, too.

Typically, BuildPlane automatically emails Subcontractors, on a day each month that the Project Manager selects, to remind them to turn in payment applications. Subs can quickly send back their Pay Apps and any related documents, all within BuildPlane.

It's powerful because, once the PM sets it up, it just works. On Pay App day, the PM can see all the sub Pay Apps, organized and ready for payment. (To see in detail how it works, click here. To learn about some our other features, go to buildplane.com/features.)

But what if you want to test the process before committing to full automation? What if you need to pay a sub for materials before a project officially goes active? Or clean up stray final payments after you've completed a project?

Now you can. For any project that does not have automated Pay Apps enabled, you can create a one-off Pay App Request form just by clicking a button.

It's simple. From your Dashboard for the project, click or tap the Pay Apps tab in the middle of the menu at left:

Then click/tap the blue New Pay App Request box:

That generates a short form:

Just fill it out and send it to whatever subs you designate. It has all the power and functionality of the automated Pay App process, but you control exactly when you send it and who gets it. You can switch to automated Pay Apps anytime.

Bottom line number 1: We're trying to make your life easier.

Bottom line number 2: When you tell us how we can do that, we listen. If you have any other advice, please let us know. Just go to our Contact Us page.