We've launched the ability for Project Managers to review and approve Payment Applications sent by Subcontractors on their projects.

BuildPlane already makes it simple to request timely and accurate Pay Apps from your subcontractors.  However, there are moments where you, as a Project Manager, clearly see an inaccuracy or may have questions about the figures sent over by the Subcontractor.

Now, when reviewing a submitted Pay App, you can either approve it, or reject it, asking the Subcontractor for additional information or correction. BuildPlane saves you the time, hassle, and disruption of sending a separate email or text or having to make a phone call. We make all of this easy for the Subcontractor to understand, showing them updated status and sending them notifications.

Let's see how it works!

Viewing submitted Pay Apps

BuildPlane has two ways to view Payment Applications: grouped by month or grouped by Subcontract. This allows you, as the Project Manager, to see all the Payment Applications for a project or a more focused list of the Pay Apps for a single Subcontractor.

View: All the Subcontractor Pay Apps for a Month

View: All the Pay Apps (for a Subcontractor) for a Project

Viewing a Submitted Pay App

Once you select the Pay App submission to review, you'll be presented with the following screen. It presents you with the most important information first, the option to approve or reject the Pay App, as well as historical financial data for this Subcontractor and their work on the project.

In the top left, you'll see the information about this Pay App request. This is a snapshot of the most recent Pay App submitted.

To the right, you'll see the Pay App status, with options to approve or reject.  One a status is provided, it will be displayed to anyone that views this Pay App submission.

At the bottom, BuildPlane displays Historical Information. You'll see the Subcontractor Pay App History for the subcontract as well as the Subcontract Cash Flow. This is a great way to visually remember how change orders may have impacted the numbers your Subcontractor submitted for your review.

What happens when you approve or reject?

When a Pay App is approved, it will "lock in" the status to the Pay App and BuildPlane will communicate to the Subcontractor that all is in order. Anyone else on your project that views the Pay App will see who approved it and the date that it was approved.

When a Pay App is rejected, BuildPlane sends notice to the Subcontractor that the Pay App, in current form, is not accepted. Also, we'll include any comments that you added. After that, BuildPlane provides the Subcontractor with a simple way to submit a revision to the Project Manager. From there, the review process starts again.

BuildPlane's goal is to make the communication and sharing of information between the General Contractor and the Subcontractor fast and easy.

More updates coming

We have new features in the works that will connect additional people to the pay applications workflow, like accountants.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@buildplane.com. We'd enjoy the opportunity to get to know you!