Everybody wants to get paid on time. Pay Apps makes the process of paying Subcontractors simple and easy, streamlining the (virtual) paperwork so everybody's happy, productive, and spending their time getting the job done.

First, we need to clarify what "Pay Apps" means. They're not the kind of apps you download on your phone to perform useful tasks like putting puppy ears and noses on your kids' photos. "Pay Apps" is short for "payment applications"—requests by Subcontractors to get paid for their work.

BuildPlane automates the process of requesting pay applications from Subcontractors, makes it easy for subs to respond and upload necessary documents, and lets Project Managers track where everything stands in real time.

Here's how it works:

  1. When setting up a project, the Project Manager compiles a list of all the project's Subcontractors.
  2. The PM decides when to send payment application reminders to Subcontractors each month.
  3. On the designated day, BuildPlane automatically emails the subs.
  4. Subs use their own BuildPlane portal to send back payment applications and documents, all within BuildPlane.
  5. PMs track payment applications in the Project Dashboard.
  6. PMs pay the subs.

To manage Pay Apps, a PM starts by clicking or tapping on the name of the project. That brings up the Project Dashboard. (For an explanation of the Project Dashboard, click or tap here.) Clicking/tapping on the Pay Apps tab in the menu at left opens a list of total payment applications by month for that project:

Click on any month to see all of the Pay App requests sent by Subcontractors for that month. The list shows how much each sub is due and allows one-click downloading of supporting documents:

When you're setting up a project, you'll decide when to remind subs to send you their Pay Apps. You'll do that by clicking on the Project Settings tab at the top right of the Project Dashboard:

At the bottom of the Project Settings page, you'll see the Payment Application Reminders section. Just set the due date for subs to send in their Pay Apps each month, set the number of days in advance you want BuildPlane to automatically remind them, and add any extra message you want to send with the reminder. Then click the Enable Payment Application Reminders checkbox:

Here's how it looks from the subs' point of view. An "Action Needed" alert at the top of the Subcontractor Portal highlights the Pay App that's due:

Subs fill in a simple form, easily attach any necessary documents, and click "Send Payment Application":


In short, BuildPlane's Pay Apps feature pulls all information about paying subs together in one place, automatically reminds subs when it's time for them to request to get paid, and makes it easy to track the process every step of the way. That's what we call Superpowers for Project Managers.