At BuildPlane, we're trying to reduce the hassle of handling RFPs to an absolute minimum. How does 1 click sound to you?

We've been listening to your feedback and watching how y'all in the commercial construction field are using our "Superpowers for Project Managers" app. Based on that, we've rolled out a couple of improvements to streamline the RFP workflow.

This is how the Project Manager Dashboard looks when you open an RFP. We've circled our new buttons at top right.
  1. Copy RFP to Change Order: When you send a Price Request and get responses from Subcontractors, the next step is to create a Change Order. Now you can quickly copy the information from your RFP responses to Change Orders with a single button. Just open the RFP. Then, at the top right, click or tap "Copy to Change Order."
  2. Download all files from a single RFP: If you need to download all the responses from an RFP, click or tap "Download All Price Requests," again at top right. BuildPlane downloads all the documents in a single zipped folder. This was a highly requested feature and matches similar functionality in Pay Apps.

Let us know how those work for you. And please tell us about other ways we can make your job easier. From our Contact page, you can quickly email us or send a request form.