Startup Documents are the checklist that subcontractors have to complete before they can hit the jobsite. For Project Managers, clicking or tapping the Startup Docs tab on the left side of the Project Dashboard brings up a list of all Startup Documents.

To make managing the workflow as intuitive as possible, we also present Startup Document information in other places—for example, a list of Urgent Startup Documents. Let's look at several aspects of handling Startup Documents:

  • The Startup Documents flow
  • The Urgent Startup Documents report
  • Document coordination
  • Subcontractors
  • Flexibility

Startup Documents flow

A single startup flow is simple: 1) request information from a subcontractor; 2) receive information from the subcontractor; 3) store information from the subcontractor.

If you had only one flow to worry about, keeping track would be easy. The complexity comes from handling potentially hundreds of Startup Document flows at once. We break down that complexity in several ways.

Urgent Startup Documents report

Project Managers can click or tap the Reports tab at the top of the Project Dashboard, then click/tap Urgent Startup Documents. You'll see all documents required or expiring in the next 3 weeks. It's that simple, but it's a powerful report. It shows documents across all projects that the currently authenticated user is assigned:

This is the Urgent Startup Documents report. It's designed to be consumed fast.

Clicking on one of the links at the left takes you to the corresponding document management for that subcontract.

Document coordination

Clicking on a particular subcontract (in this scenario, we clicked on 20840-012) displays documents that have been approved, documents that are waiting to be approved, and documents that have expired.

By clicking "Send Document Request," PMs can fire off an email to the Subcontractor requesting that they update their documents.


Subcontractors have a separate portal into their own world. In the Subcontractor Portal, a Startup Documents Requests tab makes it easy to stay on top of all requests. Here's how a document request from a General Contractor looks:


Since different companies work in different ways, we give you a variety of options for consuming Startup Documents. Here's how it looks when a PM clicks the Startup Docs tab at the left on the Project Dashboard:

The Startup Document portal.

You can also, for example, click the Reports tab, also at the left on the dashboard (not the other Reports tab at the top of the page), and then Startup Docs: Received/Approved Log for an at-a-glance look at the status of all Startup Documents. Explore the dashboard, try the options, and see which one(s) you like.