Documents can bury you on a job unless you stay in control of them. Today, we'll look at an important subset: Drawings, Spec Books, and other technical documents.

In the Project Dashboard for any project, BuildPlane organizes documents into three areas. In the menu at the left of the dashboard, toward the bottom, you'll see tabs for Startup Docs (which we blogged about earlier this month) and Closeout Docs.

Near the top of the menu, there's a tab labeled just "Docs." That's where the technical documents go.

When you click or tap on the Docs tab, you get lists of Drawings, Spec Books, and Other Documents that you've uploaded:

Adding documents is quick and easy. Before we get to that, however, we need to draw your attention to that part of the page that begins "Please note:":

It says: "All documents uploaded to these areas will be visible (for viewing and download) to subcontractors that have been assigned to this project." So make sure that the documents you upload are relevant for the subcontractors.

Once you upload the documents, BuildPlane automatically gives subcontractors access to view and download them; you don't have to take any additional steps to make that possible.

Clicking/tapping on the green "Add New Documents" box gives you three choices: Drawing, Spec Book, and Other Document. In all three categories, you can upload any document that you can access via your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Let's look at the "Add Drawing" screen:

Just fill in the document name and those two crucial pieces of information for staying on top of changes: the revision number and the date of the revision. The same applies for uploading Spec Books:

Uploading other documents is even simpler:

Every time you click/tap on the Docs tab, you get an up-to-date list of all the technical documents you've uploaded. You can see at a glance when they were uploaded, which versions you have, and when they were revised or modified.

You are in control.