How do you keep track of all the little stuff that comes up on the job every day—punch list items, small tasks that need to be assigned, questions to ask during later meetings, and everything else that swarms at you?

In your head? On scribbled notes? In electronic documents that you file away in some folder that you're pretty sure you'll remember the name of, probably? BuildPlane lets you track and manage all those little things in 1 place so it's easy to stay on top of them.

And little things add up—to a smooth workflow if they're handled quickly, or expensive delays if they're not.

BuildPlane gives you 2 tools for managing them. On the Project Dashboard for each project, they show up in the middle of the menu at left, as tabs for Issues and Tasks:

Let's start with Issues. Those are normally punch lists and other matters that you'll assign to a Subcontractor. When you click or tap on the Issues tab, you get a list of all outstanding issues relating to that project:

You can see at a glance the name and description of the issue, its status (open or closed), the Subcontractor you assigned, and the due date. You can easily update or delete an issue by clicking or tapping at right on the "edit" or "trash" icon.

When you click or tap the green +New Issue tab at top right to add a new issue, here's what pops up:

You can fill in whatever information you want, even add an image to clarify exactly what needs to be done.

Tasks are similar to Issues, except that while Issues are generally subcontractor to-dos, Tasks are internal to-dos—reminders for yourself. Again, clicking/tapping on the Tasks tab pulls up a list of all outstanding Tasks:

Clicking on the green +New Task tab at top right gives you a compact set of fields for sketching out what the task is, who'll do it, and by when:

We built the Issues and Tasks features to make it as easy as possible to stay on top of the dozens of small but important to-dos that pop up every day.

When you have a meeting, get a call, or receive an urgent email, you won't have to rely on your memory for "what was that thing that came up for the punch list yesterday when we were talking about the new change order?" Or "where did I put that list of things I wanted to talk to the architect about?" It's all at your fingertips.

Bottom line: You don't have to sweat the small stuff. BuildPlane does it for you.