Today, our team is launching our BuildPlane Submittals – a fast and easy way to: upload and read a spec book, create a Submittal Log, track responses from subcontractors and the design team, and print or export the latest information for OAC meetings.

BuildPlane Submittals vs. Excel

Our goal with BuildPlane Submittals is that project managers will not want to use an an Excel spreadsheet again for submittals. This is an optimistic goal, given that spreadsheets are powering the industry. And, we think our team accomplished it.

But, why would we try to replace spreadsheets? We'll get to that later.

Software needs to actually reduce workload

Last January, we launched BuildPlane with the goal of improving the lives of construction project managers through improved information and communications tools. In short, we wanted to reduce stress and the 50-70+ hour work weeks that plague them.

Since then, we've joined along side many construction project managers, studying and understanding their construction data flows. Consistently, project managers asked if we could help ease the burden of Submittals as well. Today, after working with a few of these project managers to test the beta, we are launching BuildPlane Submittals for everyone.

Why BuildPlane Submittals is better

When building submittals, we focused on two things we've kept hearing from construction PMs: Lightweight & Fast. This, ultimately, is why spreadsheets are a popular go-to. Despite their clear drawbacks and, spreadsheets are addictive because they are lightweight and fast.

So, we wanted to provide both: a lightweight and fast approach to Submittals, but with all the tracking, auditing, and communication you need to control the process from initial requests to in-the-field implementation.

We're proud of this release and in our committment to improving the communication and document flow between GCs, Subcontractors, and Design teams. Sign up and try out BuildPlane Submittals today!

Or: Learn more about BuildPlane Submittals.