What exactly do we mean when we say BuildPlane provides "superpowers for Project Managers"?

Simply this: For commercial construction Project Managers, BuildPlane centralizes and automates paperwork and communications in an easy-to-use way.

BuildPlane pulls together in one electronic portal all the financial and workflow information that's usually scattered across various disconnected spreadsheets and other documents.

In that same portal, it also pulls together contact information for Subcontractors, Owners, Architects, and other stakeholders—including phone numbers and email addresses.

To fire off an email, just tap or click the email address. BuildPlane opens an email form, already addressed and ready to fill in and send. Instead of having to jump over to Outlook or Gmail and then jumping back, you stay right where you are in BuildPlane.

Requesting documents, pricing, or Change Orders—again, it's easy and automated. BuildPlane generates simple forms that you fill out and send directly from your portal.

Some things you don't even have to request; BuildPlane takes care of that for you. For example, BuildPlane automatically sends pay app reminders to all subs on a project, on whatever day you designate, and collects their responses.

BuildPlane lets you keep track of documents, RFPs, Change Orders, Subcontractors, even weather days, all in one place. It automatically alerts you about upcoming deadlines and other time-sensitive to-dos. It keeps a list of your subs with all their pertinent information. To add a sub to a new project, just click or tap a checkbox. Done.

In short, BuildPlane gives you a powerful set of project management tools that are as easy to use as your smartphone. Try it for free (click here) or request a demo (click here) and see what we mean.