In our conversations with Project Managers at GCs and Subcontractors, we've learned that the hardest thing is communicating information. It's difficult enough making sure you're talking to the right person on the phone or copying the right person on an email. Technical systems, like the BuildPlane app, can add extra uncertainty: does the right person have access?

Now, a Project Manager can give a Subcontractor the ability to manage access on their own, without having to clear everything through the PM. When adding a user to a subcontract, the PM should check "Manage Subcontract Users and Permissions":

On the subcontract page, that user will see "Manage Permissions":

After clicking into "Manage Permissions," the subcontractor can give permissions to individuals:

Or, by clicking the green "Add User" button, they can add necessary team members to the subcontract:

This is one of those simple but powerful features that empowers both Subcontractors and Project Managers to get information in the hands of the right people. Let us know at how it works for you. And if you have any other ideas about how to make BuildPlane better, please pass them along.