Managing subcontracts is the key to staying on schedule and on budget with commercial construction. The big-picture concerns with subcontracts on a project are:

  • Financials
  • Workflows
  • Contact information


When viewing the list of subcontracts on a project and then viewing each subcontract, you will see financial information up front. Once you log in to BuildPlane and click or tap on a project name, you'll reach your Project Dashboard. Click/tap on the Subcontracts tab at left, and you'll see the Subcontractor Dashboard:

From the Subcontractor Dashboard, you can see the total changes for all subcontracts on the project. You can easily find the sources of exposures and client costs.

When you click on the number of a subcontract, you'll see additional financial information:

This is the dashboard for a single subcontract. Across the top you'll see:

  • Original Amount: The cost of the original subcontract.
  • Approved Change Orders: Total amount in dollars of sub change orders that have been approved for this subcontractor.
  • Committed Cost: The new subcontract cost, including approved change orders, plus the percentage increase in committed cost as a result of the change orders.
  • Actual Remaining: When you use BuildPlane's Pay Apps, we track the remaining amount to be paid for the subcontract.
  • Startup Docs: The number of documents received/requested for this subcontract.


Directly below that information, you'll see a horizontal row of tabs. Clicking on them can show you the following:

Potential Change Items: Sub costs that have not yet been assigned to a sub change order—typically site work.

Change Orders: Sub change orders, including those that are being assembled and tracked for approval.

Pay Apps: The Pay Apps that have been requested for the subcontract.

Startup Docs: The documents required for the subcontractor to be on-site.

People: A list of people on the subcontract.

Notes: A list of notes that you are keeping about the subcontract.

Contact information

Under the People tab, you can store the email and phone/text contact information for everyone involved with the subcontract. A simple system of checkboxes lets you manage who gets contacted about what aspect(s) of the subcontract: Financials, Pay App Requests, RFPs, Startup Documents, and Closeout Documents.

To email any of the contacts, just click their email address. That opens a blank, preaddressed email form ready for you to fill out.

At first glance, all of this may seem like a lot to take in. But we put a lot of thought (and trial and error) into making the Subcontractor Dashboard as intuitive as possible and giving you quick, easy access to the information you need.

Once you start using BuildPlane, you'll soon be navigating it instinctively, just the way you do your smartphone.