When you're forced to do things differently, it can be an opportunity to do things better.

Working remotely disrupts everyone's habits, especially our ways of communicating. Commercial construction is a people-to-people business, but there's room to rethink how you exchange information while still keeping it personal. BuildPlane can help.

Phone calls can be great (especially when you have time to chat a bit), but emails are usually more efficient. Emails let everyone know exactly what's needed and what's agreed on. You can file them away and check back on them. You don't have to decipher notes you scribbled on some scrap of paper. You control your time.

And meeting in person to exchange documents was already so 20th century even before it became a health hazard.

BuildPlane's communication tools give you efficient ways to handle Pay Apps and RFPs, share documents, and stay in touch with people inside and outside your team.

For a Project Manager, your Project Dashboard puts contact information for subcontractors at your fingertips. Tap or click the email address of the person you want, and an email form pops up, preaddressed and ready for you to fill out and send.

Sending out RFPs, document requests, and Pay App requests is also easy, intuitive, and automated.

Take BuildPlane out for a test drive and see. You can request a demo by clicking here or even try it for free by clicking here. We can help you work better.