The BuildPlane Subcontractor Portal gives Subcontractors two-way access to General Contractors. In one place, you can do what you need to do to move forward and get paid.

The Subcontractor Portal prioritizes the needs of the Subcontractor. As soon as you log in, you see "Action Needed" alerts at the top of the page reminding you of anything that requires immediate attention.

The project list includes financials about those subcontracts. Because of the sensitivity of financial information, the financials on the right are viewable only with permissions from the Project Manager.

The portal lists all projects for which you're a Subcontractor. Through it, you and the GC can send back and forth the information you both need.

Subcontract project detail

When you click or tap on a project name, you will find information on:

  • Project Documents
  • Pay Apps
  • RFPs (Requests for Pricing)
  • Startup Document Requests
  • Closeout Document Requests

Your Pay Apps

You can track your submitted pay apps through the entire process. You'll no longer wonder whether the information made it through. You'll see directly from your portal:

Your RFPs (Requests for Pricing)

When you get those Requests for Pricing in an email, you never know if they make it back to the GC. Through your portal, you can see the delivery with certainty:

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