The next wave of construction software will win with usability. Most existing construction software focuses on information inputs and outputs without much regard for how much pain someone using the software endures.  With constructions' current set of software tools, the #1 competitor for any construction software is Excel and e-mail and a printer. Why? Because Excel is fast and flexible, e-mail is obvious, and printed paper never has downtime.

BuildPlane equally weights information flows and usability.  We are focusing on reducing the effort required to transmit data between parties.

It's not only about PMs or architects or subcontractors

Software in the current market focuses on one person in the construction information process. It is built specifically for the PM or architect or subcontractor. Anyone who is not the specified user gets a subpar experience that is frankly awful.  Architect software confounds PMs trying to provide simple responses, as does PM software for subcontractors.

Our team has a better way. BuildPlane's software philosophy is one where each member of the construction process has their experience tailored to their needs. A project manager's view is specific to their need for financial status and document flows.  A subcontractor's view is built around seeing their requests and responses.

BuildPlane sells directly to construction Project Managers (not the CTO or operations folks). We recognize that improving the experience for subs and architects also improves the PM's experience. That is why our team invests in the wholistic information flow.

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