BuildPlane is the next step in project management for commercial construction.

In discussions with our friends in construction, we learned that current software tools were either outdated and difficult to use efficiently, or modern but overly complex for a common workflow across the industry. We're solving that with a focused and lightweight set of tools that allow project managers to spend less time in front of their laptops and mobile devices and more time with their people and on the job site.

We built this project dashboard for project managers.

Using BuildPlane is easy. For example, when you view your projects on your dashboard, you'll see your daily financial updates as well as high-priority to-do items. At a glance, you can check the status of—or kick off—new project actions like:

  • Subcontract management
  • Requests for quotes/requests for pricing
  • Document requests and management
  • Change order management


As lightweight as it is, BuildPlane is also robust, smoothly handling such functions as automating repetitive tasks. For example, BuildPlane automatically requests and collects pay apps from subcontractors at set intervals, alerting you when they arrive. You need software that works for you even when you aren't working.

You can track subcontracts on any project across your company.

Why BuildPlane?

We use software as a medium to solve real problems in ways that empower our customers to do even more with their skills. We aren't interested in you being an expert in our software, but in you, using our software, discovering new ways to delight your project owners and drive better margins and results for your business. You got into construction to build the world, not work a desk.

We want BuildPlane to connect you, the project managers who are our customers, to the industry and the people that you love. We'll do everything we can to put a smile on your face.

RFQs / RFPs have never been quicker to send, receive, and categorize.

About the team

Each of the founding team members has 20 years of experience building software (60 cumulative years). During that time, we’ve designed, built, and supported software for open source cloud databases (Compose, acquired by IBM), YMCA operations management (Daxko), and university retention outreach (GradesFirst, acquired by EAB).  Ben and Jason were founders at Compose, and all 3 worked together at GradesFirst.

About Jason
Hello, I am Jason. I live in Birmingham, AL, with my wife and our 5 children. When I decided to work on BuildPlane, it was because I saw a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of construction professionals. I've always had a heart for solving tough problems. For fun, I enjoy being on the water with my kids and exploring the expanding food and beer scene in Birmingham.

About Ben
Hey, I am Ben. My wife and I have lived in Birmingham since I graduated from Auburn University. Besides navigating life with 3 kids, I have been building the engineering teams for many successful startups for the past 15 years. We started to focus on the problems facing commercial construction after being personally involved in the construction space and seeing needs not being met for so many PMs and subcontractors. When I am not writing software I am typically on the lake with family pulling kids around behind the boat or enjoying a lazy day on the water.

About Chris
Hey, I’m Chris, a founder of BuildPlane. I’m a husband and a father of 2. When I told my wife about the idea to do another startup, she said, “Good, go. You are happier when you are all in on an idea.” She refuses to let me work from the house—if I’m at home, I’m Dad. When I’m not working on BuildPlane, I’m outside riding bicycles (mountain and road), floating in a canoe on the Cahaba River, fishing, hunting, playing ultimate Frisbee, throwing a lacrosse ball with my son, water-skiing, or shooting sporting clays.